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Gloria Mészáros

1962 Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the 14.12.1962

1969/75 Primary School: Goethe Schule Buenos Aires, Waldorf Schule, Bs.As.

1975/81 Gymnasium: Instituto Ballester, Bs.As., specialized in Psychology and Pedagogy. Language: Spanish, English, German, French.

1981/84 Therapeutic pedagogy and administration at the "Maria Luisa" orphanage, Buenos Aires.

1983/85 Studies in Skulpture at Luis Katzienko´s Class, Bs.As.

1985/86 Studies at the Waldorf College of Education, School of Fine Art and crafts, Mannheim, Germany.

1986/89 Bachelor in Art and crafts, Witten Annen, Germany.

1989 Long term practical art therapy with patients at the Child Psychology Department, Herdeke, Germany.

1989/91 Waldorf teacher in Albano, Rome, Italy. Art therapy in cooperation with the Anthroposofic Medical Center, Rome.

1991/94 Arts, crafts and Sculpture teacher at the Waldorf School in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

1992 Member of the Art Community Milchhof, Berlin-Mitte

1994/97 Maternity leave

1994 Establishment of an art studio at the country site, Storkow, Brandemburg

1994 Establishment of the initiative "Open Studio" on art courses for Sculptors at the Milchhof Art Community.

 1997 Teacher at the Waldorf School Cuernavaca, Mexico: Arts lessons, art therapy for children and parents, advanced training for Waldorf teachers and Educational Seminars.

1999 Classes in the therapeutic pedagogic, Parzival Heilpädagogische Schule, Berlin.

2000/Present Art and crafts teacher at the Waldorf school Potsdam, Brandemburg Guest lecturer at the Teacher Summer Seminar for Waldorf pedagogy, Cuernavaca, Mexico.